IKKOS is for everyone.

Technology + Neuroscience = Miraculous Movement

IKKOS is an innovative learning system that rapidly teaches anyone who wants to learn or relearn physical movement – in minutes. IKKOS combines groundbreaking technology with the latest in neuroscience research, specifically, the principles of neuroplasticity. It is the creative integration of an Olympic swim coach’s commitment to his athletes’ pursuit of excellence, his deep interest in neuroscience and pragmatic use of technology that delivered this unique method called IKKOS.

Using IKKOS:

  • Elite athletes have achieved Olympic and World Record level performances
  • Recreational sports enthusiasts have dramatically improved their personal bests

How does IKKOS work?

IKKOS is built upon the most recent research behind principles of neuroplasticity – the ability for the brain to adapt to new environments, tasks and stimuli. Leveraging advances in accelerated learning, highly detailed video footage combined with proprietary audio software helps individuals mirror movements with great precision.

Using IKKOS, a swimmer can model her stroke off the stroke of a gold medalist, or a soccer player can model his kick off the kick of a star from his favorite pro team. The results are rapid – often visible in minutes.

What is the IKKOS Method?

IKKOS is an immersive accelerated learning experience. Based on neuroscience research, it uses specially designed audiovisuals to activate the areas of the brain responsible for triggering muscle movement.

We have designed a “learning platform”, which is an in app library built on these fundamentals, where you can choose what you would like to learn.

IKKOS transforms your movement in minutes. The truth is in the results. Download an app, give it a go, and share your story with us.

How do I use IKKOS?

IKKOS Learning System Overview 11/6/14 Using IKKOS is a simple five-step process. Here is an overview:

  1. Film “Before” Video. Have someone film you performing the movement you want to learn. The filming should be done at the same angle as the angle of the model in the movement learning video you’re about to watch.

  2. 1. Watch and Listen with an IKKOS app and your smartphone. Use the IKKOS Black Box for a much-improved experience! If you are using your smartphone without a Black Box, put your ear buds in and watch deeply. If you have an IKKOS Black Box, select the video you want to learn, put your ear buds in, slide your phone into the Black Box, then place the IKKOS Black Box on your head and over your eyes. Sit or lay down in a relaxed position. Relax and absorb, taking it all in.

    You will see the image 30 times in a row. This will last 3-5 minutes. Watch until the screen goes black.

    The Goal: after the screen goes black, you should be able to close your eyes and see the image exactly as if you were still watching it on the screen.

  3. Practice with IKKOS Custom Goggles. Switch to the IKKOS Custom Goggles and practice the learned movement VERY SLOWLY. This is an important step of the IKKOS learning process – DO NOT SKIP IT! Try to do the movement at EXACTLY the same speed as the audiovisual you watched. You should be moving in SLOW MOTION!

    Now repeat practicing your movement WITHOUT the Custom Goggles – slowly at first, and increasing your pace to your desired rate.

  4. Film “After” Video. Have someone film you performing your newly learned movement. Remember to have them film you performing it at the same angle as the model you just watched so you can capture a comparable image.

  5. Compare. You can compare your “Before” and “After” videos to each other to note the difference, or your After video to the Model you just studied to see how closely you performed. Nice work!