We, the IKKOS team, get to hear great stories from our users about improvement and amazing results quite often. We always love hearing it. That’s why we are in this endeavor.

The following recent account is unique and very helpful for many who are, historically, in a situation where they have no suitable solution… the injured player who cannot practice.

We were approached in February by PGA Teacher from South Carolina, Tim Cooke, regarding of his players. The player could not play or practice for weeks due to a back injury. The player had an eleven year history of playing every day from 6 years-old to his current 17 years-old, and, now, he was required to be completely inactive.

Tim asked if CopyMe Golf would help while the player was unable to practice.

Our answer, “We believe it will do something positive, but it definitely can’t hurt to try.”

We asked Tim if he had video of the player when he was at his best. He said, “Yes.” We also asked that he do one thing for us. We asked him to record the athlete’s first swings after he was cleared to practice.

Six weeks later, we heard from Tim.

“Thought you might like to see some picture comparisons of the young man who had 6 weeks off due to back injury.  Today was the first day of full swing.  As you can see the move on the bottom from today is quite different…and better in my opinion.” – Tim Cooke

In other words, the athlete was better in the very first swings after taking 6 weeks off!

When we asked what the player, whose name is Evan, had done during the no-playing time:

“Evan said he used it in average once a day for the six weeks.  Clearly, his swing improved in this time off as evidenced in the enhanced footwork.”

Take a look at the attached image. The top images are the ‘before’. The bottom images are the ‘after’.

Getting better just by sitting on your sofa? Beautiful!

Imagine the implications: getting better while on an airplane, sitting in the passenger seat of a car, or at your desk during a break. You can practice anywhere and get better. Amazing!

We will follow up soon with comments from Evan himself.


Tim Cooke Injured Golfer

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