In the first part of this story, we told you about Tim Cooke, the golf coach in South Carolina who reached out to us asking if CopyMe Golf would help an injured athlete who couldn’t practice. In Tim’s words, this is how it turned out:

“Today was the first day of full swing.  As you can see the move on the bottom from today is quite different…and better in my opinion.” – Tim Cooke

To add depth to Tim’s comment, we asked a handful of the Top 100 Golf Pros in the world and they all agreed. The ‘after’ is better.

Moving on, in the last article, we said we would follow up with the player’s comments:

“My name is Evan White and I am a student of Tim Cooke. I recently had a back injury where I was out of golf for seven weeks. Coach Tim gave me the IKKOS 3-D headset to use and watch golf swing while I was out and it worked really well! While I was out, I actually fixed a few major problems that I’ve had in my swing for years! I just thought you may like to hear that I love your product and it helped me through a tough time. Thank you.” - Evan White

That about says it all. Fix ‘a few major problems’ when you can’t even practice. Imagine the time savings, as we mentioned in part of this posting.

You can get better while sitting at your desk, on a plane, or watching TV.   Amazing!

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