The problem with learning golf is that as much as you want your swing to look like Jason Day’s or Adam Scott’s or Lydia Ko’s, it still feels like yours. An app from a company called Ikkos is offering a virtual reality based learning platform that doesn’t require binding straps, handcuffs or other sado-masochistic torture devices. Just your smartphone.

With the Ikkos app, which features instruction with more than a dozen different sports, if you want to learn how to chip or hit the driver better, you simply view videos through a smartphone strapped to virtual reality goggles (Ikkos sells their own for $42, but any system will work). According to Ikkos’ Sean Hutchinson, the repetitive slow motion instruction becomes ingrained as you view the video for as little as 10 minutes a day. The brain science behind it is well-developed and has to do with the ideas of “mirror neurons” and “synesthesia.”.

- Golf Digest

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