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IKKOS Custom Goggles

$ 28.00

IKKOS Goggles (front/above)
IKKOS Goggles (side)IKKOS Goggles (rear)IKKOS Goggles (front)

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Product Description

The IKKOS Custom Goggles are specifically designed for use in during Step 2 of your IKKOS learning experience.

Product Description Details:

  • Purchase IKKOS Custom Goggles separately to replace your first pair, or add to your IKKOS kit
  • Used for performing Step 2 of the IKKOS experience, as you transition from the learning video to begin practicing new movement techniques

Features and Benefits:

  • Opaque lenses are specifically designed to accelerate and enhance the IKKOS experience
  • Using IKKOS Custom Goggles in Step 2 drives greater results, using the principles of neuroplasticity
  • Mirrored lenses are inserted in a soft silicone frame for maximum comfort and fit
  • Easy to adjust strap fits most head sizes
  • Note: These are not meant for racing or recreational use



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