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IKKOS Swimming Pro (1 year subscription)

$ 155.88 $ 131.88 / year with a 7-day free trial


100% money back guarantee.

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Product Description


We’ve created a Swimming dedicated IKKOS app loaded with several strategies to dramatically improve your swimming experience and performance. As we roll out refinements, you’ll be the first to get them!

What comes in this membership?

  • Content updates. You asked. We listened! The number one request in improving the original IKKOS Imagers is, “Can we get new content?” With the Swimming Pro App, we’re now able to add content regularly to give you new choices, experiences, and opportunities to get better!
  • Tips from Olympians, Top Coaches, and IKKOS big brains (wink!): You want to know what we know? Get secret sauce information, advice, guidelines, suggestions, and all around world-class coaching knowledge to help you get better. This is awesome whether you’re a coach or an athlete!
  • Messaging: Motivation. Education. Strategy. Short videos, messages, and information to help you learn how to be great. Anything from “How does brain science affect your swimming?” To, “How do you become more ‘talented’?” To, even getting some fun stuff along the way. It all goes together blended for a great experience.
  • IKKOS Personal Trainer: This is the recipe for success, customized to your event! Are you supposed to do IKKOS when you get up? Or go to bed? Or plan for it this week? If you activate the personal trainer, we’ll tell you exactly what to learn, when, and in the order you should learn, to optimize your improvement. We believe in you and want to give you tools to be your best.
  • Features: Our app is cool, and it works! And it’s designed and built by lifelong learners who are steps ahead, spending their time developing new features and refining existing ones. All of this, to keep making the IKKOS experience, great.

Team Benefits:

TEAMS: If you have a team or run a camp, we offer specialization to the IKKOS Pro app:

  • Your branding, logo, and images
  • Offer the ability to message your team (an amazing communication tool!)
  • Ability for your coaches to share your own knowledge, culture, and inspiration to the every member on the team
  • Content creation! You can create your own!

And, it’s ALL IN ONE PLACE, along with the other great IKKOS Learning Tools! If interested, contact us:


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