The Best Kept Secret is OUT!

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“CopyMe Golf uses IKKOS technology. I won my Olympic gold medal because of it.”

Charlie Houchin, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

CopyMe is the centerpiece of the IKKOS learning method. IKKOS is an innovative end-to-end movement learning platform, grounded in brain science, designed to teach anyone who wants to learn any physical movement – in minutes! – More about CopyMe Golf

Olympic gold medalists, world-class athletes and professional sports teams improved their performance using IKKOS.

Now with CopyMe, IKKOS has brought its proven learning method and technology platform used for training professional athletes to the world. Whether you’re an elite or recreational athlete, performing artist, or someone just wanting to learn your best friend’s cool dance move, ANYONE can use IKKOS and see results in minutes.

You can download CopyMe from the App Stores here: