Faster, better, stronger – now.

Learn to kick, swing, jump and throw like your hero. See measurable results in minutes. For professional athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts – your performance can exceed your dreams. IKKOS helps you beat your own gold standard.

Meet Sara Isakovic, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and Neuroscience Researcher. Sara is using IKKOS to suit up for 2016.

IKKOS for YOUR sports interest

Elite trainers know that sports performance is more about correct movement than just physical conditioning. IKKOS lets anyone at any age or skill level learn and remember how to move for maximum performance.

While IKKOS currently has content available for swimming, we will soon have content to assist athletes in any sport! Work is under way for the following sports:

  • More Swimming
  • Strength Training
  • Golf
  • BMX
  • Basketball
  • What Sports interest YOU? Let us know.

IKKOS for recreational athletes

Experience IKKOS using our immersive head mounted display to significantly enhance your performance in as little as 10 minutes’ time. Through these specifically designed video glasses, you can model your movements off some of the greatest stars in sports, then compare your movements with those of the masters. Advance more quickly than you ever thought possible.

IKKOS for amateur and professional athletes

Professional- Olympic- and college-level trainers are already using IKKOS as a tool to help their athletes achieve record-setting performances. The ability to teach fine details of movement helps the best get better, correct bad habits, and refine the smallest details of critical motions.